Arkansas State University - Qatar
Class Schedule Fall 1 2023

ENG 1003

English Composition I

MDIA 2023

Media Aesthetics

EGRM 3003

Technical Entrepreneurship

EGRM 4033

Value Engineering Systems

GRFX 4773

Design Build

LAW 2023

Legal Environment of Business

GRFX 2703

Interaction Design

BUSN 1003

Making Connections

GRFX 3703

Front End Web Development

ENG 1013

English Composition II

GRFX 1113

Design Literacy

PSY 3613

Cultural Psychology

EGRM 4053

Human Resource Management for Engineers

STCM 4213

Social Media in Strategic Communications

ART 4523

Advanced Game Design and Development

GCOM 2673

Digital Press Workflow

MGMT 3123

Principles of Management

ART 2503

Fine Arts Visual

CHEM 1041

General Chemistry

CHEM 1043

General Chemistry Lab

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