GSI Cybersecurity
Certificate Program


GSI Cybersecurity Certificate Program

Global Studies Institute Qatar in Partnership with Valley Forge Military College presents the GSI Cybersecurity Certificate Program. A comprehensive cybersecurity program curated by Global Studies Institute – Qatar and Valley Forge Military College.

About The Program

The program is Accredited and recognized for excellence in cyber defense education, it encompasses pivotal courses like CS110, CS220, CS240, and CS290, aimed at equipping participants with pivotal cybersecurity skills.

Targeting professionals, students, and government officials, this 48 or 36 weeks program, delivered via state-of-the-art platforms like Populi LMS and Zoom, ensures participants are well-versed in critical IT functions. Affordably priced with flexible payment options, it paves the way for a secure technological future amidst evolving cyber threats.

Program Overview

Valley Forge Military College is accredited and designated as a center of academic excellence for cyber defense. This program will provide entry-level cyber defense education, emphasizing critical analysis, communication, and strategic thinking.

Valley Forge Military College is designated as a center of academic excellence for cyber defense, two-year schools (CAE2Y), by the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency through 2028.

Program Audience

Target Audience: Business professionals, career shifters, students, and government officials seeking foundational cybersecurity knowledge.

Program Schedule

A 48 or 36 week course schedule is laid out. The 48 week schedule is broken into four sessions, while the 36 week schedule is broke into three sessions, each focusing on a specific course.

Course Delivery

Mode: Completely Online. Platforms: Cloud-based systems, Populi Learning Management System, Zoom, Grammarly. Delivery Method: A mix of asynchronous information presentation and synchronous classes, with timing built around the cohort schedule and project-based learning for lab requirements.

Course Descriptions

This course is an introduction to concepts, hardware, software applications, network communications, and the security and privacy issues surrounding computers and information systems, centered on the use and integration of computer technology and software applications to improve human task completion efficiency. Social, cultural, and ethical aspects of security and privacy and related issues surrounding digital information and computer technology are discussed.

This course covers database terms & concepts, ethics & privacy, data security and security metadata, organizational data management strategies, and SQL.  Data management fundamentals and technologies that support database security, error recovery, concurrency control, and distributed database systems are also studied. Students become prepared to recommend data management technologies and security solutions, and also analyze organizational data management needs.

This course focuses on fundamental principles of computer and communication networking with a specific emphasis on network security. This course focuses on IA Fundamentals for Data Security –in transit; Network & Security IT Systems Components; Networking Concepts; Basic Scripting; and System. Students develop understanding on how the Internet works, how to securely integrate and manage distributed data services across networks, and how to design, specify, and justify secure networking solutions.

This course covers planning, development, and implementation of a comprehensive information security program in an organization covering authentication and access control, integrity and confidentiality of information, and risk management and business continuity planning. Topics examine information systems security from program management and systems development perspectives by investigating security models and frameworks using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security publications and risk assessment framework to establish security processes, recommend organizational security policies and practices, and develop business continuity plans.

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