Syracuse International Engineering

12-Month Master’s Degree Programs in Engineering
(May 2024-May 2025)

We are excited to present this opportunity to engineers in the Gulf region.  If you are interested in developing yourself and in studying and traveling to the USA, this opportunity is for you.
Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science offers a program for international students interested in pursuing an engineering Master’s degree in one of the following programs:
o  Mechanical Engineering
o  Aerospace Engineering

o  Civil Engineering
o  Engineering Management
o  Environmental Engineering
o  Electrical Engineering
o  Operations Research and System Analytics

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    Program Details

    Online Summer 2024 Launch: Join from Your Country!

    Complete three online courses in Engineering Management. Courses will be online, live sessions that run Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 am EST from Monday, May 13 to Friday, August 22.
    o  MAE 600: Technology Management
    o  ECS 526: Statistics for Engineering
    o  MAE 672: Engineering Data Analytics

    Step 1

    Complete your remaining coursework on campus in Syracuse, NY, USA

    o  Students enroll in on-campus courses from August 2024 - May 2025
    o  Seven courses to complete Master’s degree of choice

    Step 2

    (Optional) – Optional Practical Training

    After graduation, students can take advantage of a three-year period of Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the United States

    Step 3

    Program Requirements

    ·        First three courses in Engineering Management: $10,000
    ·        Remaining seven courses to complete your M.S.: $32,000 (Scholarship Available)
    ·        Classes begin: May 13, 2024

    Application Deadline: April 15, 2024
    o  Application fee waived
    o  GRE scores not required

    o  TOEFL – 80
    o  IELTS – 6.5
    o  Duolingo – 105

    o  ECS M.S. programs generally require a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA for admissions consideration.
    o  Open to applicants from all STEM disciplines

    Online Courses
    Master's Degrees
    Year (OPT)

    Global Master's Degree Program

    Accelerate Your Engineering Career with Our Exclusive Program

    Partnering with Syracuse University, Global Studies Institute (GSI) offers you an unparalleled opportunity to earn your Master's Degree in Engineering in just 12 months. Embark on a transformative journey that combines academic excellence with real-world experience, setting the stage for your success in the dynamic field of engineering.

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